My first set of pictures; my daggers by Bob.

Daggers are often the true indicator of a maker's grinding skills. Not only does the grind need to be symmetrical (both side by side and back to back), but the spine needs to be maintained perfectly straight. Bob's daggers reflect his ability as an excellent grinder. One thing of note about Bob's daggers, is that they are often finished with a Diamond Cross-Sectioned Armour-Piercing Tip, not the simple needle point more commonly done with daggers. See picture below. The hollow grind is maintain until the very point, where the diamond tip is formed.

#1 & #2:

This set of Stag Handled are my favorite of the daggers.

#1: The large one was delivered to me as a companion piece to a similar sized Deluxe Stag Handled American Tanto (it's the one seen right below in in the top picture by Jim Cooper). I asked Bob to make it with Double SS bolsters in the lines of an Medieval styled dagger. The front bolsters are flared for the thumb and forefinger control, while the rear bolster acts as a counterbalance. The blade length is 9", OAL is 13.5".

#2: The smaller one is more representative of Bob's Deluxe Dagger offerings, with a single large front bolster. This one has an 8" blade, OAL is 12".

#3, 4, 5, and 6 (Left to Right).

By virtue of being daggers, and wanting to have them posted together, these are #4 through #6; the remaining daggers in my collection.

#3: is a Small Deluxe Dagger with Burl wood handle. This one is unique in that the blade is waisted with what is called a Leaf Shaped Dagger. Blade length is 4", OAL is 8.25".

#4: is Bob's standard Field Grade Dagger. Handle is Black Micarta (sans bolsters). Thong holes are includes for a lanyard. Blade length is 5", OAL is 9.5".

#5: is a special request by me. It's similar to his Field Grade Dagger, but in Military finish; with a bead blasted blade and Green Linen Canvas Micarta. This dagger has a full tang, not the tapered tang that Bob prefers to do. Blade length is 5.5", OAL is 10".

#6: is a Deluxe Dagger with Mammoth Ivory handles. Blade length is 6.5", OAL is 11.5".

As you can see, there is no regularity in his work. The length of the bolster is determined by the balance; width of the blade is mostly determined by the OAL length to maximize his sense of lines; and the handle's end treatment is a result of both balance and lines.

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