Memorial Service

From those that were able to attend the service on Saturday Dec. 8th, I was told it was a very moving service. A tribute to the man and all those he touched. In attendance were many of his peers from the knife making community. In tribute to his craft, a table was laid out in the lobby, decked out with his signature red table cloth, adorned with a photo album that he always had at the knife shows he attended, and a few of the knives he made.

 One thing that surprised me to have learned about Bob, was that he was an excellent singer. I was aware of his guitar playing (and that's a story for another time), but now I regret never having heard him sing.

As I could not attend the service, I would like to share my favorite memory of Bob here:

It was a few years ago when he asked me to help him get an anniversary present for his wife Jean. While at the same time, Jean also called to ask me to help buy him a present. I was greatly tickled to be in the middle of this, as I didn't let on that I was helping both of them. They found out later once the gifts were exchanged. I don't know if Bob was more mad at me for helping Jean get him his present, or that I didn't tell him, but I do know that they both enjoyed their presents that year.

I miss you Bob. You were among few I can call "Brother". And although I never told you, you were very much a Father figure to me. I've learned so much about being a better person by listening to you, and by simply being around you. The times we spent together after the shows were among my most memorable; the shopping trips to B&H, the meals we shared, and the talks at Paul's place. I'll miss our multi-hour phone calls about knives, photography, watches, food, and life in general. Thank you for including me in your journey through life.


Stuart Wong said...

thank you for creating such a wonderful site for a great man.
My name is Stuart Wong and I am one of Bob's cousins. His mom and my father are siblings. Bob grew up with my brothers..and was very close to my father.
I can remember spending time with Bob in Santa Barbara when he first met Jean when I was in high school.
Since that time I can remember our conversations talking about photography, firearms and great food. Again thank you for this great tribute.

Be Well

Stuart Wong

Stuart Wong said...

Here is a photo of Lum #6. When Bob had started his first fixed blades was #6 for my dad.



When Bob started folders..he made a neat little one for my mom.

I will miss his passion for all the great things in life.