Wooden Sword Award 1983

Here's a little gem I thought I share. The image was scanned from the Knives 1983, Third Edition Annual, as edited by Ken Warner. Which during it's time was THE book on custom knives. A complete complation of all the goings ons in the knife world (primarily for the US) for the previous year. It covered custom and production, and would be something to look forward to for any knife fan.

In 1983, KenWarner started his Wooden Sword Award in recognition of deserving knife makers. In the first year, he award Bob Lum the award for his introduction of the tanto style knife. Quoting from the article (pertaining to Bob):

"... the third defined a trend, perhaps a change."

" Lum tantos have, over the past two years at least, caught the consciousness of other knifemakers, and you may look to a lot of tantos in the next few years."

"The Wooden swords point at knives you could own, knives well worth owning."

Knives well worth owning. Words I took to heart. And when Bob finally showed up at the New York Custom Knife Show in 1986, I took the time out to meet him. I needed to see for myself that there was indeed someone of Asian decent doing well in the custom knife market. We spoke for a while and I placed my order for one of his Large Field Grade Stalkers, to be delivered when completed. Little did Bob, or I, know what that one meeting would turn out into.

Thanks to Jim Cooper for sending me this scan.

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