New Tally -124

Small Upswept Skinner sold.


New Tally - 125

Carbon Fiber Slipjoint traded....


New Tally - 126

Ti Folding Dagger has found a new home.


New Tally

The result is the same, at 127, but the the smallest Stag Tanto with guard was traded for a Lum Hunter with Ivory Micarta scales, and another knife not made by Bob.

The culling's begun!!!


Culling the Herd

Since it was alway my intention to keep my collection at 100, I will be selling off any excess from my collection. Not quite decided on which ones, or how and where to sell them. Which currently means I'll be selling off 27 from the collection in the near future.

Once I get to 100, the procedure will be to sell off one if I purchase another. Ideally I would like it to be fifty folders and fifty fixed blades, but we'll see how that goes.



So, based on the picures posted, we have:

42 Folders
83 Fixed Blades

For a total of 125.

Missing from the photo series are two more knives; a Fixed Chinese in Stag and a Large All-Rounder in Carbon Fiber.

Blade Blanks

Twenty-third in the series: two blade blanks. The Tanto was a template meant for Timberlines knives. While the Grandmaster Darn Dao was my second custom Lum. It's made with L6 steel and was extremely rust prone, so I sent it back to Bob for a refit. Unfortunately, it sat in his shop for years and was never completed. Normally Bob would never have a knife leave his shop unless the knife was completed, so this is a very rare item.

First Ever Lum

Twenty-second in the series: My first Custom Lum, a Large Field Grade Stalker.

Deluxe Stag Tantos

Twentieth and twenty-first in the series: ten Deluxe Tanto in Stag.

Deluxe Tantos

Sixteenth through Nineteenth in the series: fourteen Deluxe Tanto in various sizes and shapes.

Temple Guards

Fifteenth in the series: three Temple Guards. A special model made for Northwest Knives.

Field Grade Tantos

Fourteenth in the series: three Field Grade Tantos.

Field Grade Fighters

Eleventh through thirteenth in the series: 10 Field Grade Fighters

Large Deluxe Fighters

Tenth in the series: three Large Deluxe Fighters.

Deluxe Chinese Fighters

Ninth in the series: three Deluxe Chinese Fighters

Darn Dao's

Eight in the series: four Darn Dao's.

Utility Blades

Sixth and seventh in the series: seven Fixed Utility Blades.

Deluxe Fighters

Fifth in the series: five Deluxe Fighters.

Stag Fighters

Fourth in the series: three Fighters in stag.

Deluxe Hunters

Second and third in the series: eight Deluxe Hunters.


And now, the Fixed Blades.

First in the series: six daggers. Technically four daggers, as the two small ones are singled edged.


Tanto II's

Sixth, and last, of the Folder Series: the three Folding Tanto II's.

Folding Tanto's

Fifth in the Folder Series: the six Folding Tanto's.

Utility Folders

Fourth in the Folder Series: the nine Utility Folders.

Tactical Folders

Third in the Folder Series: the seven Tactical Folders in my collection.

Gents Folders

Second in the Folders Series: the seven Gents Folders.



I've received a few emails asking if I do indeed own 100 of Bob Lum's custom knives. I figure the best way to answer is to just put them up and then follow up with the series. Using my current photobox setup, I'm titling this series "Lums on Black Leather", and every knife photographed is currently owned by me, in my possession, and is made by Bob Lum.

First photo is the ten Chinese Folders I currently own: