Aftermark Pricing

I've gotten a few emails asking me about the current aftermarket prices for Bob's knives. To be honest, it's hard to explain the Custom Knife market prices. Just before Bob was diagnosed with his illness, the prices for his knives in the aftermarket climbed tremendously. People were willing to pay a very high premium for his knives, if they were not able to buy one from him directly. At the time, it was simply a matter of low supply to high demand. The prices climbed a bit more once his illness was made public, when there was a further increase in demand for his knives. Since Bob's passing, they seem to have maintained the same level as just prior to his illness being made public.

But not all of his pieces are selling at the same level of premium. There is currently a distinct advantage in prices for his folders over his fixed blades; and even more with his later models.

The ultimate price for any of Bob's pieces will be determined by the market. It will be set by the buyer's willingness to pay for that piece. So, there is no specific formula to use to help calculate a current price/value. Capitalism at it's best.

My wish is that the aftermarket prices at least maintain some level of a premium over his original asking price. This way, at least there's a tangible means of showing Bob our "appreciation" of his art.

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