Spyderco Carbon Fiber Chinese Folder Shipping

Last week the new Spyderco production Carbon Fiber handled model of Bob's Medium Chinese Folder started to ship and should be available in the stores now. Makes a great present for the Holidays.

Jimmy Lile's Deathwind

A little known fact, but the well known maker Jimmy Lile made a Fighter model that he named the Deathwind. The knife first appeared in the early to mid-1990's. I first saw it on Mr. Lile's table at one of the New York Custom Knife Shows (year unclear). What struck me was the similarity between the Deathwind and Bob's Stalker Model. When I asked Bob about it, he mentioned that it was a sore point, but that he noticed Mr. Lile started making the Deathwind after visiting his table at the Guide Show that July and looking at the Stalker. Bob then asked that I don't mention it to anyone.

I think it's time for that promise to be broken.


Recent Ebay Skinner/Hunter

Good to see Bob's knives are still in demand. A recent Deluxe Fixed Blade Hunter/Skinner on Ebay (Item #150516290607) sold for $630.00.

I'll continue to track and report them as best as I can.


Custom Large Folding Tanto On Ebay

A Large Field Grade Folding Tanto, with Black Micarta by a Japanese collector just sold on Ebay for $1225. It appears to be an early version given the Spyderco'esque clip. Not a bad price considering the US market price for a similar folder would be a little more.

Item #370401112307 for reference.


Comparison of the Blackwater Tanto to the BM LFTi

Here are the comparison pictures promised of the new LFTi as compared to the previous iteration, the Blackwater Folding Tanto II.

I was able to obtain one of the R&D Prototypes to judge the development of the knife to it's current release.

As you can see, aside from the hole treatment/pattern in the handle, the three major changes made to the LFTi are 1) a new lock bar, 2) change of placement of the clip, and 3) the addition of the Lum Chop logo. Otherwise, the folders are identical.

Interesting item to note is the shape of the tanto tip from the R&D Proto to the released BW Folding Tanto II. The tip became more angular. Not sure what prompted the change. However, the tip, just like Spyderco's Lum Folding Tanto, lacks the Appleseed grind commonly found on the custom models. For the Spyderco model, the cause was a lack of manufacturing ability to replicate it. I suspect that may be one of the reasons that also limited the Benchmade models.


New Benchmade Onslaughts

Benchmade has released two new versions of the Onslaught.

BM 741BK with a black blade.
BM 741BKS with a serrated black blade.

With the regular bladed 741, and the serrated 741S, this make a total of 4 models of the Onslaught released to date.


New Spyderco Chinese Folders Pictures

Pictures of the new Spyderco Chinese Folders:

Reposted with permission from Spyderco. These were taken by Wouter at the Amsterdam Meet.


New Spyderco Chinese Folders

Spyderco will be releasing two new Chinese Folders. A version with Carbon Fiber Handles.

And more exciting for me, a new Large Chinese Folder. When Sal Glasser first decided to make a production version of the Chinese Folder, he chose the Medium model to produce. I've always felt the Medium was a little small for a good general purpose cutter, and suggested the Large Chinese Folder. It's been a long wait, but now it's finally here.

I'll have pictures once I have permission from Spyderco.


Onslaught Now Regular Production

Looks like the Pre-Production run of the Onslaught has sold out, and the model has now enter regular production.

Model 741 LUM Onslaught AXS.

Hopefully it will be a good seller for Benchmade.


BM Onslaught Comparison

Below are some comparison pictures of the Benchmade Production Onslaught and a custom Forrester by Bob. Bob had always admired the AxisLock designed by Benchmade, and wanted to license it for use. He even went as far as producing a Stalker blade to fit into an existing AxisLock handle.

There are some slight differences:

* The handles are set up for ambidextrous opening with the hole cutout, and the Pinkie slot in the lower handle, in both sides of the handle. Yet, the clip can only be installed on the right side.

* The clip is based on Bob's version. But whereas Bob hand form each one to match the folder, the Benchmade clips are stamped.

* The swedge on the custom is beautifully hollow ground, as compared to the flat ground swedge on the Benchmade.

* The Benchmade is slightly longer. Most likely due to changing the pivot geometry to accommodate the AxisLock.

Overall, the execution is outstanding, and I think Bob would have been pleased with the result. Except for the choice of model name, as Bob preferred subtlety over aggressive sounding names.


New Spyderco XL Chinese Folder

Rumors from the SHOT Show indicates a new XL Chinese Folder to be released in 2010 by Spyderco. Looking forward to this one.


Seki Cut's Tribute Page

Just recently found out that Seki-Cut has created a tribute page to Bob. You'll find information on the models that Bob designed for them. What is especially appealing is the original sketches used in some of the photos.

Link is:

The Encounter is based on his Folding Stalker model. The fixed blade models are all new designs specifically commissioned by Seki-Cut. I've found the small Fixed Encounter to be an excellent steak knife. 8-)

Overall, Bob was very happy with the results.


What Happened to the Spyderco Chinese?

Received a few emails asking what my thoughts were on why the last run of Foliage Green Chinese Folders from Spyderco is not selling well. I honestly don't know. It could be that the collectors were more interested in the previous Black handled run because the blade was made with ZDP-189 steel, and this one wasn't. Or that it followed the previously run too closely to the market. Or possibly Foliage Green isn't a popular choice.

If the demand isn't there, and they can be gotten for cheap, I would recommend getting one as a user. Save the ones in more demand for the collection. The design is sound, and makes for a great general purpose folder.


New Benchmade Lum Folder

For 2010, Benchmade is releasing a folding knife based on Bob's Forrester model, called the Onslaught. This is good news for Forrester fans who really fancy the saber-tip leaf shaped blade. It will come with Benchmade's Axis lock. A locking system that Bob really appreciated.

Link to the Onslaught on Benchmade's website is:

When it is released, I'll post a comparison between it and the custom Forrester.


Lum/Begg Collaborations

It seems that the first of the Lum/Begg collaborative pieces have finally been finished. These are the remaining blade blanks that were not completed by Bob prior to his passing, and are now being completed by Todd Begg, an excellent custom knife maker.

I wish Todd all the best in the completion of this project. And I'm sure that the results would be to Bob's exacting standards.