New Spyderco XL Chinese Folder

Rumors from the SHOT Show indicates a new XL Chinese Folder to be released in 2010 by Spyderco. Looking forward to this one.


Seki Cut's Tribute Page

Just recently found out that Seki-Cut has created a tribute page to Bob. You'll find information on the models that Bob designed for them. What is especially appealing is the original sketches used in some of the photos.

Link is:

The Encounter is based on his Folding Stalker model. The fixed blade models are all new designs specifically commissioned by Seki-Cut. I've found the small Fixed Encounter to be an excellent steak knife. 8-)

Overall, Bob was very happy with the results.


What Happened to the Spyderco Chinese?

Received a few emails asking what my thoughts were on why the last run of Foliage Green Chinese Folders from Spyderco is not selling well. I honestly don't know. It could be that the collectors were more interested in the previous Black handled run because the blade was made with ZDP-189 steel, and this one wasn't. Or that it followed the previously run too closely to the market. Or possibly Foliage Green isn't a popular choice.

If the demand isn't there, and they can be gotten for cheap, I would recommend getting one as a user. Save the ones in more demand for the collection. The design is sound, and makes for a great general purpose folder.


New Benchmade Lum Folder

For 2010, Benchmade is releasing a folding knife based on Bob's Forrester model, called the Onslaught. This is good news for Forrester fans who really fancy the saber-tip leaf shaped blade. It will come with Benchmade's Axis lock. A locking system that Bob really appreciated.

Link to the Onslaught on Benchmade's website is:

When it is released, I'll post a comparison between it and the custom Forrester.


Lum/Begg Collaborations

It seems that the first of the Lum/Begg collaborative pieces have finally been finished. These are the remaining blade blanks that were not completed by Bob prior to his passing, and are now being completed by Todd Begg, an excellent custom knife maker.

I wish Todd all the best in the completion of this project. And I'm sure that the results would be to Bob's exacting standards.