BM Onslaught Comparison

Below are some comparison pictures of the Benchmade Production Onslaught and a custom Forrester by Bob. Bob had always admired the AxisLock designed by Benchmade, and wanted to license it for use. He even went as far as producing a Stalker blade to fit into an existing AxisLock handle.

There are some slight differences:

* The handles are set up for ambidextrous opening with the hole cutout, and the Pinkie slot in the lower handle, in both sides of the handle. Yet, the clip can only be installed on the right side.

* The clip is based on Bob's version. But whereas Bob hand form each one to match the folder, the Benchmade clips are stamped.

* The swedge on the custom is beautifully hollow ground, as compared to the flat ground swedge on the Benchmade.

* The Benchmade is slightly longer. Most likely due to changing the pivot geometry to accommodate the AxisLock.

Overall, the execution is outstanding, and I think Bob would have been pleased with the result. Except for the choice of model name, as Bob preferred subtlety over aggressive sounding names.

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