New Benchmade Onslaughts

Benchmade has released two new versions of the Onslaught.

BM 741BK with a black blade.
BM 741BKS with a serrated black blade.

With the regular bladed 741, and the serrated 741S, this make a total of 4 models of the Onslaught released to date.


New Spyderco Chinese Folders Pictures

Pictures of the new Spyderco Chinese Folders:

Reposted with permission from Spyderco. These were taken by Wouter at the Amsterdam Meet.


New Spyderco Chinese Folders

Spyderco will be releasing two new Chinese Folders. A version with Carbon Fiber Handles.

And more exciting for me, a new Large Chinese Folder. When Sal Glasser first decided to make a production version of the Chinese Folder, he chose the Medium model to produce. I've always felt the Medium was a little small for a good general purpose cutter, and suggested the Large Chinese Folder. It's been a long wait, but now it's finally here.

I'll have pictures once I have permission from Spyderco.


Onslaught Now Regular Production

Looks like the Pre-Production run of the Onslaught has sold out, and the model has now enter regular production.

Model 741 LUM Onslaught AXS.

Hopefully it will be a good seller for Benchmade.