Recent Ebay Stag Lum: Results

Very surprised it sold for only $1200 after being relisted again. That is a very good price for a Deluxe Stag Tanto. Bob's table price for something like it would be in the $800 to $850 range.


Recent Deluxe Stag Tanto on Ebay

There was a Small Deluxe Tanto with Stag handle scales and steel bolster listed on Ebay recently. It was listed at $1500 with a BIN price of $2250. Unfortunately, it did not sell. The seller has re-listed it at a lower bid of $1300 and a BIN price of $1900. Hopefully someone would be able to score a great piece of Bob's work.


Lum Miniatures

Bob has told me that he made about a dozen miniatures. He doesn't like making them, because they take almost as much time to make as it would a full size knife. But for me, he made three throughout our friendship: a Mini Darn Dao with Ivory scales; a Mini Darn Dao with Blackwood scales; and a Miniature Tanto with Blackwood scales.

Through the support of a good friend, I was able to score the Miniature Tanto that was offered on Nordic Knives earlier this week. And I am forever grateful for his generosity.

In my earlier post, I mentioned that the hamagiri tip and the tapered tang were two of the design elements that point to this being a Bob Lum original. Now that I have the piece in hand, I can add two more: the bolster shape and the angled spine treatment.


Twin Folder Pen Knives

For today, another rare one. It's a Folding Jack knife and a Folding Wharncliff. Ti scales with contoured handles. Both with flat ground blades and Bob's Large Nail Nick.

Jack Knife:


You would think they could be twins since they have the same handle profile. Turns out they are twins.

Bob calls this his Twin Folder; his version of the two bladed folding pen knife. Style-wise, it's a cross between a Canoe (handle shape) and a Muskrat (blade shapes). 

It does have one unique design: the two blades share a common center lock bar to help keep it thin.

He made this model in two sizes; Medium and Small (I'm pretty positive Bob never made one in Large). 

The one above is the Medium, Small on bottom.

The one above is the Small, Medium on bottom.

Since the Medium one had Flat ground blades, the Small was ordered with Hollow ground blade. Same Large Nail Nick opener.

Gerber Legendary Knives licensed the Small Twin Folder and made a Production version called the Double Take.

Two Old School Knives Sold At Nordic Knives

Two very unique knives by Bob was sold today at Nordic Knives. And thanks to David Harvey, owner of Nordic Knives, for allowing me to post the pictures of the Lums.

1) A small Deluxe American style Boot Knife with steel bolsters stag grips. Stamped "LUM" so it was made before Bob started using his "Chop" logo. Very beautiful  3 1/2" asymmetrical dagger ground blade. With a Bob made leather pouch sheath. Sold for $750.

2) A very very rare Deluxe Miniature Tanto with steel bolsters and ivory grips. 4 3/8" OAL with a 2 3/8" blade. While there is no maker's mark, the style and execution, points to Bob as the maker. The two definitive elements that confirms this as Bob's work for me is A) the Hamagiri tip, and B) the tapered tang. Plus, it matches a full sized version of a similar style tanto in my collection. The lack of a mark could mean that this was made before he started using the "Chop" logo, and probably did not have small enough letter stamps to mark the blade. Sold for $599

Congratulations to the new owners.


Folding Pen Knife

For today, a rare one. Bob did not make many of these, as they weren't really well known. But when he sent me pictures of the first one he finished, I ordered one in this configuration as a birthday present for myself. This is Bob's Folding Pen Knife, Medium size, with Ti scales in full Rounded Treatment, frame lock.

I got lucky with this one, aside from being the only one I know of in this configuration, this one has a very crisp logo etch. I'm sure Bob was cursing me out under his breath when he was making this one, as the Ti scale are not thick scales, but standard .125" thickness.

And now for the details. OAL 7.25" open, 4.25" closed. BL is 3.25", .125" thick. This clip has an interesting story. It's made this way because Bob and I were discussing ways to carry the knife in the open without drawing too much attention. So the idea was inspired by Chris Reeve's Mnandi clip, where it could easily have passed as a pen. When I carried this, I usually had it clipped in between my shirt's placket. So with only the end and the clip exposed, you wouldn't have thought this was a knife.

A picture of the file work at the lock bar release area. Not perfect, but when you've done as much work on the knife at this stage, it's fine.

The trademark Chinaman's Hat pivot treatment. Which Bob hand turned on the lathe.

The raised backspacer. Which surprised me. Because the thickness is only .125". But typical of Bob, if you ordered the Rounded Treatment, you get the raised backspaced.

And a parting shot of the crisp logo etch in between the opening cutout, and another one of Bob's trademarks: the deep nail nick. Just one. And while you wouldn't think it would give you much in terms of traction, you can get enough of the fleshy part of your thumb in there for one-handed opening. Works amazingly well, without ruining the clean lines of the blade.

And in a case of proving Bob was just a maker, he wasn't entirely happy with the way this one turned out. What he was shooting for:

And the end result:

I would have never known if he didn't tell me. But the lock geometry changed while it was being put together, and he missed it by that much. I'm still happy with the knife.


Large Folding Chinese Framelock

Trying something new with sharing Bob work: a photo study of one of Bob's creations per post.

First up today, is the Large Chinese Folder that I have in my EDC rotation for those times I feel like dressing up.

What makes it unique is that this one has some details that Bob doesn't usually do: full contour thick Ti scales (which he calls the Rounded Treatment) and frame lock.

Here you can see the deep relief cut into the lock bar.

Along with his usual details that often gets overlooked. Like his trademark Chinaman's Hat pivot. Which is normally missed because it looks just like a normal pivot in pictures.

And his raised backspacer. Which really makes the folder feel much more rounded in hand, and has the added benefit of increasing grip. The effect is much more pronounced in a folder with the Rounded Treatment than one with squared edges.

And his custom clip, which he makes individually to fit the profile of each folder. The one is installed so that I could take the folder apart for maintenance without needing to remove the clip.


Recent Sales: Small FG Chinese Folder

A Small Field Grade Chinese Folder, with black micarta scales and a custom clip sold on Nordic Knive for $1495. A very nice sample with Bob's Finger Groove in the handle.


Benchmade Discontinues the Dejavoo's

A little late, but for 2011 Benchmade has discontinued both models of the Dejavoo folders; the 740 Dejavoo, and the 745 Mini-Dejavoo.


Spyderco Sprint Run Folding Tanto

Looks like Spyderco will be releasing a Sprint run of their Folding Tanto model later this year. A prototype of the unit was shown at the Amsterdam Meet in March. The model will have a grey handle with VG-10 steel blade.

Another Recent Ebay

Looks like the Folding Tanto from the previous Ebay entry was relisted on Ebay for $1550. The auction ended without being sold, but the item was seen listed on some knife forums.


Recent Ebay Lums

Recently there were two knives by Bob being offered on Ebay. One was a Large Field Grade Tanto with an original Lum kydex sheath being sold by a seller in Japan. It sold for $986 + $20 for shipping.

The other was a "major score" in knife collecting lingo. It was an used Folding Tanto with Black Micarta. There was a small chip in the left micarta scale towards the front of the bolster, aside from that, it's in very excellent condition. Best part, sold for $400 + $10.00 shipping.


Custom Folding Dagger On Nordic Knives

A Custom Folding Dagger with Red/Black Carbon Fiber just sold for $1495 on Nordic Knives. Congrats to the new owner for a great knife at a great price.


Ebay: Small Field Grade Dagger

Just watched a Small Field Grade Dagger (mis-listed as a Stalker), with a leather sheath made by Bob, not sell on Ebay for $800. Given that's really not much over Bob's table price, it surprised me. Market adjustment? Or is the Dagger not a popular design? Or is the Small size an issue?


John Barker's Hokkaido

Bob's influence in the custom knife making world is still going strong. A custom knife maker named John Barker, from Cummins GA, came out with a fixed blade tanto named the Hokkaido that clearly shows Bob's influence. What's significant is that he has been able to execute Bob's clean lines and tip treatment, while still able to include his own personal design touches. The blade profile is among the best I've seen in the spirit of Bob's work. Below are a few of his original pictures of his latest offering.


Recent Ebay Knives

Two recent Hunters were posted on Ebay. One was a classic style Hunter with Ivory Micarta scales, and the other was a very nice Stag Skinner with Integral Finger Guard. The Ivory Micarta one closed for slightly over $800, but has been relisted. Not sure what happened there. The Skinner closed at around $600. Which is a extremely low price for a stag handled knife by Bob. So a great score by the buyer. Congrats.


New Benchmade Onslaught: Model 746

Benchmade announced a new smaller model of the Onslaught in their 2011 Catalog, the Model 746. It will have a 3.45" blade as has a MSRP of $160. The catalog also lists that it will be available in the same four variations that mirrors those of the larger Onslaught; Plain, Serrated, Plain Black, and Serrated Black.