Ebay: Small Field Grade Dagger

Just watched a Small Field Grade Dagger (mis-listed as a Stalker), with a leather sheath made by Bob, not sell on Ebay for $800. Given that's really not much over Bob's table price, it surprised me. Market adjustment? Or is the Dagger not a popular design? Or is the Small size an issue?


John Barker's Hokkaido

Bob's influence in the custom knife making world is still going strong. A custom knife maker named John Barker, from Cummins GA, came out with a fixed blade tanto named the Hokkaido that clearly shows Bob's influence. What's significant is that he has been able to execute Bob's clean lines and tip treatment, while still able to include his own personal design touches. The blade profile is among the best I've seen in the spirit of Bob's work. Below are a few of his original pictures of his latest offering.