Spyderco Sprint Run Folding Tanto

Looks like Spyderco will be releasing a Sprint run of their Folding Tanto model later this year. A prototype of the unit was shown at the Amsterdam Meet in March. The model will have a grey handle with VG-10 steel blade.

Another Recent Ebay

Looks like the Folding Tanto from the previous Ebay entry was relisted on Ebay for $1550. The auction ended without being sold, but the item was seen listed on some knife forums.


Recent Ebay Lums

Recently there were two knives by Bob being offered on Ebay. One was a Large Field Grade Tanto with an original Lum kydex sheath being sold by a seller in Japan. It sold for $986 + $20 for shipping.

The other was a "major score" in knife collecting lingo. It was an used Folding Tanto with Black Micarta. There was a small chip in the left micarta scale towards the front of the bolster, aside from that, it's in very excellent condition. Best part, sold for $400 + $10.00 shipping.