Large Folding Chinese Framelock

Trying something new with sharing Bob work: a photo study of one of Bob's creations per post.

First up today, is the Large Chinese Folder that I have in my EDC rotation for those times I feel like dressing up.

What makes it unique is that this one has some details that Bob doesn't usually do: full contour thick Ti scales (which he calls the Rounded Treatment) and frame lock.

Here you can see the deep relief cut into the lock bar.

Along with his usual details that often gets overlooked. Like his trademark Chinaman's Hat pivot. Which is normally missed because it looks just like a normal pivot in pictures.

And his raised backspacer. Which really makes the folder feel much more rounded in hand, and has the added benefit of increasing grip. The effect is much more pronounced in a folder with the Rounded Treatment than one with squared edges.

And his custom clip, which he makes individually to fit the profile of each folder. The one is installed so that I could take the folder apart for maintenance without needing to remove the clip.

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