Lum Miniatures

Bob has told me that he made about a dozen miniatures. He doesn't like making them, because they take almost as much time to make as it would a full size knife. But for me, he made three throughout our friendship: a Mini Darn Dao with Ivory scales; a Mini Darn Dao with Blackwood scales; and a Miniature Tanto with Blackwood scales.

Through the support of a good friend, I was able to score the Miniature Tanto that was offered on Nordic Knives earlier this week. And I am forever grateful for his generosity.

In my earlier post, I mentioned that the hamagiri tip and the tapered tang were two of the design elements that point to this being a Bob Lum original. Now that I have the piece in hand, I can add two more: the bolster shape and the angled spine treatment.


Twin Folder Pen Knives

For today, another rare one. It's a Folding Jack knife and a Folding Wharncliff. Ti scales with contoured handles. Both with flat ground blades and Bob's Large Nail Nick.

Jack Knife:


You would think they could be twins since they have the same handle profile. Turns out they are twins.

Bob calls this his Twin Folder; his version of the two bladed folding pen knife. Style-wise, it's a cross between a Canoe (handle shape) and a Muskrat (blade shapes). 

It does have one unique design: the two blades share a common center lock bar to help keep it thin.

He made this model in two sizes; Medium and Small (I'm pretty positive Bob never made one in Large). 

The one above is the Medium, Small on bottom.

The one above is the Small, Medium on bottom.

Since the Medium one had Flat ground blades, the Small was ordered with Hollow ground blade. Same Large Nail Nick opener.

Gerber Legendary Knives licensed the Small Twin Folder and made a Production version called the Double Take.

Two Old School Knives Sold At Nordic Knives

Two very unique knives by Bob was sold today at Nordic Knives. And thanks to David Harvey, owner of Nordic Knives, for allowing me to post the pictures of the Lums.

1) A small Deluxe American style Boot Knife with steel bolsters stag grips. Stamped "LUM" so it was made before Bob started using his "Chop" logo. Very beautiful  3 1/2" asymmetrical dagger ground blade. With a Bob made leather pouch sheath. Sold for $750.

2) A very very rare Deluxe Miniature Tanto with steel bolsters and ivory grips. 4 3/8" OAL with a 2 3/8" blade. While there is no maker's mark, the style and execution, points to Bob as the maker. The two definitive elements that confirms this as Bob's work for me is A) the Hamagiri tip, and B) the tapered tang. Plus, it matches a full sized version of a similar style tanto in my collection. The lack of a mark could mean that this was made before he started using the "Chop" logo, and probably did not have small enough letter stamps to mark the blade. Sold for $599

Congratulations to the new owners.