Lum Miniatures

Bob has told me that he made about a dozen miniatures. He doesn't like making them, because they take almost as much time to make as it would a full size knife. But for me, he made three throughout our friendship: a Mini Darn Dao with Ivory scales; a Mini Darn Dao with Blackwood scales; and a Miniature Tanto with Blackwood scales.

Through the support of a good friend, I was able to score the Miniature Tanto that was offered on Nordic Knives earlier this week. And I am forever grateful for his generosity.

In my earlier post, I mentioned that the hamagiri tip and the tapered tang were two of the design elements that point to this being a Bob Lum original. Now that I have the piece in hand, I can add two more: the bolster shape and the angled spine treatment.

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