New Letter Opener

It's been a pretty excellent couple of weeks for my Lum collection. A couple of weeks ago, I scored one of Bob's Catalog from 1981 (Pre-Eugene OR!!!! more info in my Lum Blog). Which helped to fill in some info about his early work. This weekend, thanks to a collector from Florida, I scored an old Lum fixed blade (LUM stamp, so it makes it pre-1985), that will now be my preferred letter opener. Once I make a nice stand for it. 

Handle is well aged ivory micarta, SS bolsters with a black spacer, and tapered tang.

The blade profile is very similar to his Stalker model (especially in the Folding Stalker model). But the handle is not what wound up on the final Stalker model. Best that I can guess is that this would be something that Bob would classify as a Boot Knife or Dirk. And in his unique naming scheme, it would probably be called a Deluxe Stalker Non-Folder Boot Knife (please don't quote me on that, it's an inside joke on how Bob prefers to name something a "Non-Folder" as compared to "Fixed Blade").

Not the most unique of Bob's work. But I really get a kick when I can score his older stuff. Enjoy.

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