Satin Finish

Just a quick note on Bob's signature Satin finish.

Somewhere in my vast boxes of stuff is a letter he wrote to me, describing his satin finish process. If I ever find it, I'll be happy to scan it and post it. In it, he also explained that the reason he went with a satin finish was for the combination of beauty and durability over mirror polished.

He disliked mirror polishing, not only for the amount of work involved, but for the fact that mirror polishing is not a good polish for a working knife. Bob always felt he made working knives, and would enjoy seeing one of his knives being used. As such, while the majority of his knives are satin finished, his earlier work could be found with mirror polished blades. More common with knives bearing his LUM stamp. As it was expected for makers to finish knives that way during that time. There are a few examples of mirror polished blades made later in his career, but they would usually be found on a presentation level piece.

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