Stag Sgian Dubh On Ebay

What a way to end 2013. Unless another one pops up between now and 11:59PM tomorrow.

A beautiful Deluxe Stag Sgian Dubh was just listed on Ebay. And on to the questions via email:

1) Bob would have called it a Sgian Dubh. He's a fan of the design. So, I would not call this a one-off. I know Bob has done a few Sgian Dubhs. As such, calling it a Spearpoint Dagger is not far off.

2) Sheath is definitely by Bob. As is the attached leather tassel at the end of the handle.

3) SS Bolsters and Stag = Deluxe

4) LUM stamp and satin finish on the blade (you can see the finish on the image with the LUM stamp), would place date of origin in the mid 1980's.

5) I'll reserve comment about the asking price. But I will say this: if I had the funds, I would make a very serious offer.

Good luck to all the bidders.


Another Unauthorized Copy

A reader sent me some Lum style knives to identify, and they turned out to be based on the Seki-Cut Encounter that Bob designed. The company involved is Explorer and the model indicated on the box is labeled "Rogue V Razor".

As always, the best way to stop theft of intellectual property is to not buy them.


Spyderco 2014

Spyderco released their 2014 Catalog, and for the first time in a long while, they are not offering a knife designed by Bob. There's always hope for a sprint run if enough people wants one.


Deluxe Stag Whancliff on Ebay

Received several emails about the Lum Wharncliff currently on Ebay. And the answers are:

1) Bob would have called it a Deluxe (SS Bolster) Stag Wharncliff/Caper.

2) It's most likely a one-off. Either customer order, or just something Bob made because he wanted to.

3) The price is more than fair given the condition of the knife. But collectors would probably have an issue with that deep gash on the spine.

4) The sheath looks like a Lum original. Bob has been known to stamp decorate his sheaths. Not often, but they do exist. A quick email to the seller for a picture of the backside would confirm this.

Good luck to all the bidders.

Update on 12/06/13: Still there and price dropped to $695.

Update on 12/18/13: Knife didn't sell, and was relisted. It was sold via an undisclosed Best Offer. Congrats to the new owner.


Temple Guard On Ebay

Hope everyone had a good Summer.

My Inbox today had multiple inquiries on a "Bob Lum Custom Tanto" listed on Ebay. To avoid answering the same questions multiple times, a new post:

1) The model is called the Temple Guard (not the smaller Envoy), made as an exclusive for NorthWest Knives in the 1990's.

2) #3 would be the serial number for that unit, making it the third knife in the series.

3) There were less than 20 NorthWest exclusives made (combined Temple Guard and Envoy). Which means Bob did not make anywhere near the 90 as claimed. The "90" would indicate 1990, the year the knife was made.

4) The sheath is sole authorship by Bob.

5) Can't tell by the pictures, but the finish is consistent with that model: bead blasted with polished tip.

Good luck to all the bidders.

Here's a picture of the three Temple Guards in my possession:


Spyderco 2013 Sprint Run Lum Tanto FB Released

Model # FB03BRGP : Lum Burgundy Paperstone Micarta Handle

To differentiate it from the last run, (aside from the new handle material), they added a small Spyderco trademark hole in the spine, located behind the logo. Steel is VG-10. Includes the same style leather sheath as the original run. MSRP is at $379.95.

Happy hunting.


Ebay May 2013

A Large Field Grade Tanto Fixed Blade was recently sold on Ebay. It was listed at $2195, but was sold with an accepted best offer. Congrats to the new owner.

A couple of interesting notes. It came with a leather sheath that was made by Bob. More interesting is the angular tip, as compared to his standard hamagiri tip.  This would most likely place the tanto to around late 1990's. When Bob was intrigued by Massad Ayoob's theories of blade tip penetration, and made his tanto tips more angular. And in some cases, longer.

I had gotten a couple of emails asking about the listed blade length of 6", wondering if it wouldn't then be listed as a XL Field Grade Tanto. Given that 1) the overall length was listed at 11.25", 2) Bob's Large Field Grade Tantos could have blade lengths as long as 5.5" (from the standard 5"), it's likely that the seller added the length of the choil to the total blade length. As such, I believe it is in fact a Large Field Grade Tanto.


John Barker Again

John just introduced a new model inspired by Bob's Forrester Folder. Overall a very well done piece.

Picture by John Barker


More Ebay Sightings

Two customs are now available on Ebay.

1) A Folding Pen Knife in Ti with Custom Pen Clip. This is re-listing with a drop in starting bid. The last auction started at $2000AU with no bidders.

Can't tell, but it looks exactly like the one I sold a few years ago.

2) A Deluxe Skinner. The only issue is the leather sheath. The seller is asserting that the L stamp stood for "Lum", but the construction, especially the belt loop treatment, is not typical of how Bob would have made a sheath for that style knife. And Bob usually stamps the sheath with "LUM" if he signed it at all.

Good luck to any one bidding.

Update on 4/19/13: both did not sell. The Skinner has been relisted with a lower starting price.


Recent Lums on Ebay

Just ended was a 4" Deluxe Semi-Skinner with SS Bolster and Ivory Micarta. Sold for $790. The auction indicated that the knife was bought from Bob in 1984, with no idea which steel was used. Given the time frame, the blade steel would have most likely be ATS-34.

And a belated report of a very unique 3.5" Boot Dagger. Also with Ivory micarta handle, with an unique integral bolster treatment. Asking price was $1250, but was sold via an unknown offer amount.

Congratulations to the new owners.


Lum Tanto At Nordic Knives

A Lum 4" Tanto fixed blade with Walnut scales and steel bolster recently sold on Nordic Knives for $995 (CF-2725). Site indicated the knife was made in the late 1980's, and given the squared shoulder of the walnut scales, that would be appropriate. Bob preferred to contour his handle scales for a more comfortable grip. Congrats to the new owner.


Spyderco Sprint Run Burgundy Tanto FB

Spyderco will be releasing a Sprint Run of 1200 pieces of the Lum Tanto Fixed Blade with Burgundy Micarta Handles in May/June 2013. MSRP is $379.95.

Given how collectible the last run of the FB Tanto was, you may want to get your pre-orders in with your Spyderco dealer.