John Barker Again

John just introduced a new model inspired by Bob's Forrester Folder. Overall a very well done piece.

Picture by John Barker


More Ebay Sightings

Two customs are now available on Ebay.

1) A Folding Pen Knife in Ti with Custom Pen Clip. This is re-listing with a drop in starting bid. The last auction started at $2000AU with no bidders.

Can't tell, but it looks exactly like the one I sold a few years ago.

2) A Deluxe Skinner. The only issue is the leather sheath. The seller is asserting that the L stamp stood for "Lum", but the construction, especially the belt loop treatment, is not typical of how Bob would have made a sheath for that style knife. And Bob usually stamps the sheath with "LUM" if he signed it at all.

Good luck to any one bidding.

Update on 4/19/13: both did not sell. The Skinner has been relisted with a lower starting price.


Recent Lums on Ebay

Just ended was a 4" Deluxe Semi-Skinner with SS Bolster and Ivory Micarta. Sold for $790. The auction indicated that the knife was bought from Bob in 1984, with no idea which steel was used. Given the time frame, the blade steel would have most likely be ATS-34.

And a belated report of a very unique 3.5" Boot Dagger. Also with Ivory micarta handle, with an unique integral bolster treatment. Asking price was $1250, but was sold via an unknown offer amount.

Congratulations to the new owners.