More Ebay Sightings

Two customs are now available on Ebay.

1) A Folding Pen Knife in Ti with Custom Pen Clip. This is re-listing with a drop in starting bid. The last auction started at $2000AU with no bidders.

Can't tell, but it looks exactly like the one I sold a few years ago.

2) A Deluxe Skinner. The only issue is the leather sheath. The seller is asserting that the L stamp stood for "Lum", but the construction, especially the belt loop treatment, is not typical of how Bob would have made a sheath for that style knife. And Bob usually stamps the sheath with "LUM" if he signed it at all.

Good luck to any one bidding.

Update on 4/19/13: both did not sell. The Skinner has been relisted with a lower starting price.

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