Ebay May 2013

A Large Field Grade Tanto Fixed Blade was recently sold on Ebay. It was listed at $2195, but was sold with an accepted best offer. Congrats to the new owner.

A couple of interesting notes. It came with a leather sheath that was made by Bob. More interesting is the angular tip, as compared to his standard hamagiri tip.  This would most likely place the tanto to around late 1990's. When Bob was intrigued by Massad Ayoob's theories of blade tip penetration, and made his tanto tips more angular. And in some cases, longer.

I had gotten a couple of emails asking about the listed blade length of 6", wondering if it wouldn't then be listed as a XL Field Grade Tanto. Given that 1) the overall length was listed at 11.25", 2) Bob's Large Field Grade Tantos could have blade lengths as long as 5.5" (from the standard 5"), it's likely that the seller added the length of the choil to the total blade length. As such, I believe it is in fact a Large Field Grade Tanto.

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