Temple Guard On Ebay

Hope everyone had a good Summer.

My Inbox today had multiple inquiries on a "Bob Lum Custom Tanto" listed on Ebay. To avoid answering the same questions multiple times, a new post:

1) The model is called the Temple Guard (not the smaller Envoy), made as an exclusive for NorthWest Knives in the 1990's.

2) #3 would be the serial number for that unit, making it the third knife in the series.

3) There were less than 20 NorthWest exclusives made (combined Temple Guard and Envoy). Which means Bob did not make anywhere near the 90 as claimed. The "90" would indicate 1990, the year the knife was made.

4) The sheath is sole authorship by Bob.

5) Can't tell by the pictures, but the finish is consistent with that model: bead blasted with polished tip.

Good luck to all the bidders.

Here's a picture of the three Temple Guards in my possession: