Stag Sgian Dubh On Ebay

What a way to end 2013. Unless another one pops up between now and 11:59PM tomorrow.

A beautiful Deluxe Stag Sgian Dubh was just listed on Ebay. And on to the questions via email:

1) Bob would have called it a Sgian Dubh. He's a fan of the design. So, I would not call this a one-off. I know Bob has done a few Sgian Dubhs. As such, calling it a Spearpoint Dagger is not far off.

2) Sheath is definitely by Bob. As is the attached leather tassel at the end of the handle.

3) SS Bolsters and Stag = Deluxe

4) LUM stamp and satin finish on the blade (you can see the finish on the image with the LUM stamp), would place date of origin in the mid 1980's.

5) I'll reserve comment about the asking price. But I will say this: if I had the funds, I would make a very serious offer.

Good luck to all the bidders.

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