Spyderco 2014 Lum Fixed Tanto Sprint Run Available

They're now showing up in the usual places. Happy hunting.

Hollywood At Last

Knifemakers often consider one of their knives used in a movie or television show as great exposure. While he was alive, Bob didn't have that honor. Hollywood finally came calling. Well, not quite.

In the Series Premiere of Gotham on Fox Network, one of Bob's design was used. I said design, because the knife used is a Knock-off of Bob's Folding Stalker II. While the clip and the blade profile is not a direct copy, the handle certainly is.

This design was originally made by SOG Knives, but they have discontinued that model. But it doesn't stop them from being made.

Some screen snaps:

Welcome to the big times Bob.


Medium Chinese Folder on Ebay

Received a couple of emails this morning about the Chinese Folder listed yesterday on Ebay. On to the answers:

1) It's a Medium Field Grade.
2) The rub marks should not affect the value. Reason below.
3) The clip makes this early production piece.
4) Blade steel most likely ATS-34.
5) Yes, the Spyderco Hole is not that rare. I would guess it's pretty even between Spyderco Hole and Nail Nick for Chinese Folders.
6) Handle is more likely Linen Micarta than G10.
7) That cutout in the handle is Bob's signature Pinky Rest. Surprisingly effective for adding grip. Especially to a small folder like this one.

Since this is an early folder for Bob, he was still working out the kinks for making folders. And some of them will develop liner rub. Hence the rub marks. I treat it as proof it's handmade.

It's a wonderful carry piece (pre-broken in).

Good luck to the seller and the bidders.


Miniature Tanto At Nordic Knives

Nordic Knives just listed a very rare miniature Deluxe Tanto with Fossil Walrus Ivory scale.


Custom Back Pocket Folder w/LAWKS on Ebay

A rare and special one showed up on Ebay today. A Back Pocket Folder in Black Micarta with LAWKS (the lock safety mechanism that Ron Lake licensed to Bob to use). This is an extremely rare knife; only a few Back Pockets were made, and very few, if any other, had LAWKS installed.

A personal note. Bob went ahead and did the Chinaman's Hat treatment for the pivot stud. However, given the size, it looks a little out of place.

Good luck to any one bidding.


Temple Guard on Ebay

Newly listed today.  In Canvas Micarta, with a kydex sheath. Unfortunately, not sure if the sheath was made by Bob. Good hunting.

Update: and it's sold, with an undisclosed Best Offer. Congrats to the new owner.


2 Ebay Stag Lums Sold

After being listed on Ebay for months, two of the Stag Lums sold. The Sgian Dhu and one of the Fighter were both sold for undisclosed Best Offers. Good luck to the new owner.


Spyderco 2014 Sprint Run

Looks like Spyderco will be doing a Sprint Run of the Lum Tanto Fixed Blade with Green and Black G-10 sometime in 2014. Keep your eyes peeled.


Spyderco Amsterdam 2014

Sad news. No new Lum based models revealed at this year's Amsterdam Meet New Model release. There is still hope for a Sprint Run.


2nd Stag Boot on Ebay

In a case of deja voo (no pun to the folder named for another of Bob's design),  the seller that is offering the Stag Sgian Dubh and Stag Boot Knife, has offered two more Stag Boot Knife. Same model as the previous offering. Rare to see three of the same model in someone's collection. Besides mine. :)

Good luck to the bidders.

Mixed emotions with this development. So happy to see such wonderful old school pieces. And sadden that I can't take advantage of the opportunity to add any of them to my collection.


Stag Boot Knife on Ebay

Happy 2014!!

Looks like I was wrong in my last post. The same seller did in fact post another Lum for sale before the end of 2013. And it's a real beaut.

An asymmetrical Stag Deluxe Boot Knife. Beautiful double hollow ground with LUM stamp, and includes a sole authorship sheath. Date of origin around the same time as the Sgian Dubh.

Good luck to all the bidders.