Medium Chinese Folder on Ebay

Received a couple of emails this morning about the Chinese Folder listed yesterday on Ebay. On to the answers:

1) It's a Medium Field Grade.
2) The rub marks should not affect the value. Reason below.
3) The clip makes this early production piece.
4) Blade steel most likely ATS-34.
5) Yes, the Spyderco Hole is not that rare. I would guess it's pretty even between Spyderco Hole and Nail Nick for Chinese Folders.
6) Handle is more likely Linen Micarta than G10.
7) That cutout in the handle is Bob's signature Pinky Rest. Surprisingly effective for adding grip. Especially to a small folder like this one.

Since this is an early folder for Bob, he was still working out the kinks for making folders. And some of them will develop liner rub. Hence the rub marks. I treat it as proof it's handmade.

It's a wonderful carry piece (pre-broken in).

Good luck to the seller and the bidders.

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