Spyderco 2016 Lil' Lum

As announced in a previous post, Spyderco will be releasing a new Small Chinese Folder in 2016. Model #C205GP, called the Lil' Lum. Naming scheme is from how Bob would name a size Small Folder. It should be the same size as the previously released Chinese Folders, but will come with VG-10 steel for the blade, and the same Black textured G10 found in the Large Chinese Folder. More info can be found in Spyderco's 2016 Catalog, available on their website.


Lum Temple Guard on Ebay

Nothing like a new eBay listing to light up the Inbox.

Happy holidays.

That is indeed a Field Grade Tanto, but would be more accurately identified as a Temple Guard. Part of the NorthWest Knives exclusive. If you search for Temple Guard, you'll see that there are three in this collection.

And the price is very reasonable for a custom Lum. Should make for a great holiday present for someone.