New Spyderco Lum Model Announced In Amsterdam

Announced at the 2016 Amsterdam Meet is the release of the Lil' Lum Chinese Folder. This model will be based on Bob's Small Chinese Folder. First model will have black G-10 handles with VG-10 Blade. Which now is missing only the XL Chinese Folder with a 5" blade, to completes the Chinese Folder series.


Large Chinese Folder At Nordic Knives 1/26/16

A Large Field Grade Ti Chinese Folder sold very quickly today on Nordic Knives. A couple of points to answer some of the question in my Inbox about this folder:

- Congrats to the buyer. That was a very fair price. Considering what the seller gets after consignment fees.

- Condition is excellent. Signs of being carried, but well cared for.

- A couple of you spotted the flat back spacer, instead of the rounded/raised back spacer. While it may point this to be an early model, it's not a guarantee. Bob made them with flat back spacers per request, as not everyone liked the raised version.